Student Division

The mission of ATMAE's Student Division is to carry out the purposes and objectives of the Association for the benefit of students in technology, technology management, and applied engineering degree programs.

  • Join ATMAE! - Use the webform, or print an application. Membership FAQs
  • Join the Student Division by using the logging in to your member through the My Member Private Page and then editing your Demographic information to select the Student Division; you can also do this when you renew your dues or join ATMAE. You can also contact the ATMAE office at 734.677.0720 or for assistance.
  • Student Division Leaders 2013-2014 - ATMAE's current division and focus group leaders with contact information.
  • Student Competitions Information on 2013 ATMAE Conference Student Competitions (Robotics, Technology Challenge, Welding) - Updated September 16, 2013.
  • Student Chapters
  • ATMAE Logos for Use by ATMAE Chapters - Follow this link for the ATMAE Logo Use Policy and to download high-res and low-res ATMAE logos.
  • Student Division Awards Conference Competitions, Outstanding Student Chapter, Leadership Service Awards
  • Why ATMAE? Student Testimonials Video by ATMAE Graduate Student Member,
    Jared May, Morehead State University
  • Election Information
  • ATMAE Division Policies:Official policies governing the operation of divisions, organizational structure, officers and elections, and duties of officers.
  • ATMAE Bylaws: ATMAE's governing policies, including those governing formation and termination of divisions.




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Student Competitions

- Updated May 29, 2013

  • BATTLE HOOPS! 2013 Robotic Competition Information:The theme for the 2013 Robotics Competition is "Battle Hoops". The winning 'bot' will be the one that shoots the most ping pongs balls through a 2-feet high goal. Old and new team are welcome to bring your "champion" machines. The entry deadline for ATMAE chapter robotics teams is October 25, 2013.
    • Updated rules were posted May 29, 2013. More updates will follow,as questions are asked and answered.
    • Any questions should be directed to Dr. Jessica L. Buck, Student Division President.
  • 2013 Robotics Contest Rules, Specifications, and Registration Information! - UPDATED MAY 29, 2013 General Information, Registration, Specifications, Objective, Layout, Task & Operation, Competition Arena, Scoring for the 2013 ATMAE Student Robotics Competition.

  • 2013 Student "Technology Challenge" Contest Information - Full information on the individual competitor "Haig Vahradian Technology Challenge" contest on Thursday afternoon November 21 at the ATMAE Conference in New Orleans. UPDATED 9/16/2013

  • 2013 Lincoln Electric Virtual Welding Competition - Win a Welder in New Orleans! Full information on the 2013 Virtual Welding Competition sponsored by Lincoln Electric. UPDATED 9/16/2013

  • 2013 Student Research Presentation Competition:
    UPDATED September 16, 2013! The competition has been revised to include undergraduate students, and to add a video component to the submission and competitor selection process. Open the PDF for the Call for Entry Abstracts for the Student Research Competition; the PDF has all details on submitting an abstract and the judging rubric for the competition. Entry abstracts and videos are due October 7, and the Competition is at the ATMAE Conference on Thursday evening November 21. Cash Prizes!




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Student Division Awards

  • Conference Competitions & Awards (Research, Robotics, Technology Challenge, Welding)

  • Outstanding Student Chapter Award - Honor Roll and Nomination Information - 2014 Nominations are due Friday October 24, 2014.
  • Service Award for Division Presidents: A Service Award is given each year to the individual serving as the President of the Student Division. Past recipients are:

    Dr. Chad Laux Purdue University 2010-2012
    Dr. Sergio Sgro Eastern Kentucky University 2008-2010
    Dr. Earl Godt II Spoon River College 2006-2008
    Dr. Shawn Strong Missouri State University 2004-2006
    Dr. Haig Vahradian Millersville University 2003-2004
    Dr. John Wright, Jr. Millersville University 2002-2003
    Dr. Lesta Burgess University of Northern Iowa 2001-2002
    Dr. Ivan Mosley, Sr. South Carolina State University 2000-2001
    Mr. Mark Franco CoVenture Resources,Inc. 1999-2000
    Dr. Matthew P. Stephens Purdue University 1998-1999
    Dr. C. Ray Diez University of North Dakota 1997-1998
    Dr. Michael Beauvais Southeastern Louisiana University 1996-1997
    Ms. Amy Frank East Carolina University 1995-1996
    Dr. Tommy Waskom Eastern Illinois University 1994-1995
    Mr. Chip Bailey Mississippi State University 1993-1994
    Dr. John Earshen Buffalo State College/SUNY 1992-1993
    Dr. Paul Resetarits Central Connecticut State University 1990-1992
    Dr. Karen Coale Tracey Central Connecticut State University 1989-1990
    Dr. Raymond Perrault Central Connecticut State University 1988-1989

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