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Volume 30, Number 1
January through March 2014
Articles will be added to this issue as they are accepted through the review process until March 31, 2014.

"Lean Adoption in Small Manufacturing Shops: Attributes and Challenges" (Volume 30-1, January 2014)
Dr. Manocher Djassemi

"The Relationship between Compensation and Selected Dimensions of Employee Engagement in a Mid-Sized Engineering Services Firm" (Volume 30-1, January 2014)
Dr. Preetinder S. Gill, Dr. John Dugger, & Mr. Frank Norton

Volume 29, Number 4
October through December 2013

"Effects of Leadership on Financial Performance at the Local Level of an Industrial Distributor" (Volume 29-4, December 2013)
Dr. Rod L. Flanigan, Dr. Gary Stewardson, Dr. Jeffrey Dew, Dr. Michelle Fleig-Plamer, and Dr. Edward Reeve

"The A3 Lean Management and Leadership Thought Process" (Volume 29-4, October 2013)
Mr. William C. Schwagerman III and Dr. Jeffrey Ulmer

Volume 29, Number 3
July through September 2013

"Establishing a Robotics Competition in an Underserved Region: Initial Impacts on Interest in Technology and Engineering" (Volume 29-3, July 2013)
Dr. Brad Deken, Dr.Doug Koch, and Mr. John Dudley

"A Qualitative Study of Junior Faculty Mentoring Practices at Selected Minority Higher Institutions" (Volume 29-3, August 2013)
Dr. Lewis Waller and Dr. Musibau Shofoluwe

Volume 29, Number 2
April through June 2013

"Employee Trust and Its Influence on Quality Climate at Two Administration Levels" (Volume 29-2, April 2013)
Dr. Gretchen A. Mosher, Dr. Nir Keren & Dr. Charles Hurburgh, Jr.

"Power Generation Using Simultaneous Capture of Solar Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal Energy" (Volume 29-2, April 2013)
Mr. John Nill Ousterhout & Dr. Darren Olson

"What They Didn’t Know Hurt Them: Disseminating Risk Information to Prevent Disaster" (Volume 29-2, April 2013)
Dr. Carolyn K. Dunn

Volume 29, Number 1
January through March 2013

"A New Approach to Integrating a Plus-Two Bachelor's Degree Program in Technology with a Two-Year Associate's Program" (Volume 29-1, January 2013)
Mr. John H. Mott & Dr. Henry R. Lehrer

"Trust, Safety, and Employee Decision-Making: A Review of Research and Discussion of Future Directions" (Volume 29-1, February 2013)
Dr. Gretchen A. Mosher

Volume 28, Number 4
October through December 2012

"Student Laboratory Team Performance as Related to Team Size" (Volume 28-4, October 2012)
Dr. Phillip Cochrane & Dr. Barbara Eversole

Volume 28, Number 3
July through September 2012

"Environmental Impacts of Using Welding Gas" (Volume 28-3, July 2012)
Dr. Hany Nakhla, Dr. Ji Y. Shen, & Mr. Malcolm Bethea

Volume 28, Number 2
April through June 2012

"Different, Not Deficient: The Challenges Women Face in STEM Fields" (Volume 28-2, April 2012)
Dr. Lynda Kenney, Ms. Pam McGee, & Dr. Kaninika Bhatnagar

"Dimensional Measurement Variation of Scanned Objects Using Flatbed Scanners" (Volume 28-2, April 2012)
Dr. Martin P. Jones, Dr. Richard N. Callahan, & Dr. Richard D. Bruce

Volume 28, Number 1
January through March 2012

"The Impacts of Social Networking Sites on Workplace Productivity (Non-Refereed)" (Volume 28-1, January 2012)
Mr. Femi Awolusi

"Introducing a Nanotechnology Curriculum and Considerations for Bridging Academic/Industry Relationships: An Overview and the New Challenge for ATMAE" (Volume 28-1, January 2012)
Dr. Dominick A. Fazarro, Dr. Deb Newberry, Dr. Walt Trybula, & Mr. Jim Hyder

"Measuring Educational Program Effectiveness Using the Associate Constructor Exam" (Volume 28-1, January 2012)
Dr. George Ford, Mr. C. Douglas Kinard III, & Dr. Bradford Sims

Volume 27, Number 4
October through December 2011

"Design of an Online Course in Quality Management Systems for Adult Learners" (Volume 27-4, October 2011)
Dr. Gretchen A. Mosher, Dr. Steven A. Freeman, & Dr. Charles R. Hurburgh, Jr.

Volume 27, Number 3
July through September 2011

"A Case Study on Virtual and Physical I/O Throughputs" (Volume 27-3, July 2011)
Dr. Timur Mirzoev, Dr. Baijian Yang, Mr. Marcus Davis, & Mr. Travis Williams

"Student Verification System for Online Assessments: Bolstering Quality and Integrity of Distance Learning" (Volume 27-3, July 2011)
Dr. Suhansa Rodchua, Mr. George Yiadom-Boakye, & Dr. Ronald Woolsey

Volume 27, Number 2
April through June 2011

"Clean Energy as a Platform for Interdisciplinary Collaborations within a Technology-Driven Institution" Non-Refereed (Volume 27-2, May 2011)
Dr. Douglas J. Schauer, Dr. Isaac S. Slaven, & Mr. Glen D. Roberson

"Manufacturing Education: Evolving to Challenge Adversity and Public Sentiment" (Volume 27-2, April 2011)
Dr. Mark R. Miller

"Maximizing the Economic Benefits of Compact Fluorescent Lamps" (Volume 27-2, May 2011)
Dr. Carl J. Spezia & Mr. Jason Buchanan

Volume 27, Number 1
January through March 2011

"Competencies for Global Engineers and Technologists" (Volume 27-1, March 2011)
Dr. Fola Michael Ayokanmbi

"Flow Length Measurement of Injection Molded Spirals Using a Flatbed Scanner" (Volume 27-1, January 2011)
Dr. Martin P. Jones, Dr. Richard N. Callahan, & Dr. Richard D. Bruce

"Wind Power Technologies: A Need for Research and Development in Improving VAWT's Airfoil Characteristics" (Volume 27-1, January 2011)
Dr. Rigoberto Chinchilla, Dr. Samuel Guccione, & Mr. Joseph Tillman

Volume 26, Number 4
October through December 2010

"Design and Evaluation of a Microcontroller Training System for Active Hands-On Distance and Campus-Based Classes" (Volume 26-4, October 2010)
Dr. Steve Hsiung, Dr. John Ritz, Mr. Richard Jones, & Mr. Jim Eiland

"Online Graduate Degree Recruiting: Is it Different?" (Volume 26-4, October 2010)
Dr. A. Mark Doggett & Dr. Stan Lightner

Volume 26, Number 3
July through September 2010
"Market Pay: A National Academic Struggle to Compensate a High Demand Discipline" (Volume 26-3, July 2010)
Dr. Jeffrey M. Ulmer, Dr. Scott Wilson, & Dr. John Sutton

"Using Quality Management Systems for Food Traceability" (Volume 26-3, July 2010)
Dr. Chad M. Laux & Dr. Charles R. Hurburgh, Jr.

Volume 26, Number 2
April through June 2010

"The Green Approach: Self-Powered House Design Concept for Undergraduate Research" (Volume 26-2, May 2010)
Dr. Faruk Yildiz, Dr. Dominick Fazarro, & Mr. Keith Coogler

"Incident Database-Based Framework for Establishing Industrial Safety Performance Assessments" (Volume 26-2, April 2010)
Dr. Nir Keren

"Professional Certification: A Study of Significance" (Volume 26-2, April 2010)
Dr. Jeffrey M. Ulmer

"A Survey of Arc Flash Computation Methods and Mitigation Strategies" (Volume 26-2, April 2010)
Dr. Carl J. Spezia

"Total Company-Wide Management System: Case Studies" (Volume 26-2, April 2010)
Dr. Souraj Salah, Professor Abdur Rahim, & Dr. Juan Carretero

Volume 26, Number 1
January through March 2010

"A Comparison of OGP SmartScope Sensors" (Volume 26-1, January 2010)
Dr. David W. Hoffa, Dr. Chad M. Laux, & Dr. Paul Kidwell

"Coordinate Measuring Machine Variations for Selected Probe Head Configurations" (Volume 26-1, January 2010)
Dr. Kevin Berisso & Dr. Troy Ollison

"Learning Styles and Entrance Requirements for Online Master’s Programs" (Volume 26-1, January 2010)
Dr. Stanley L. Lightner, Dr. A. Mark Doggett, & Dr. Vesta R. Whisler

"Neural Network Controlled Energy Saver For Induction Motor Drive" (Volume 26-1, January 2010)
Ms. Jamuna Venkatesan & Dr. S. Rama Reddy

"Optimizing the Turning Process Toward an Ideal Surface Roughness Target" (Volume 26-1, January 2010)
Dr. E. Daniel Kirby

"Perspectives on How Academia is Keeping Pace with the Changing Needs of Manufacturing Professionals" (Volume 26-1, January 2010)
Dr. Martin P. Jones, Mr. Rathel R. Smith & Dr. R. Neal Callahan

"Three-Dimensional Printing Build Variables That Impact Cylindricity" (Volume 26-1, January 2010)
Dr. Troy Ollison & Dr. Kevin Berisso

Volume 25, Number 4
October through December 2009

"Mapping of Superficial Residual Stresses in Machined Components" (Volume 25-4, November 2009)
Dr. John E. Wyatt & Dr. John T. Berry

Volume 25, Number 3
June through September 2009

"Case Studies of Authentic Learning Tasks Method Applied in Industrial Technology" (Volume 25-3, July 2009)
Dr. P. N. Rao & Dr. Julie Zhang

"Faculty Compensation: Competitive (Market) Pay Survey Results of Midwestern United States Industrial Technology and Engineering Technology College and University Programs" (Volume 25-3, September 2009)
Dr. Jeffrey M. Ulmer, Dr. Scott Wilson, & Dr. John Sutton

"Monte Carlo Analysis of Real-Time Electricity Pricing for Industrial Loads" (Volume 25-3, August 2009)
Dr. Carl J. Spezia

"Multiple CAD Formats in a Single Product Data Management System: A Case Study" (Volume 25-3, July 2009)
Ms. Karen M. Waldenmeyer & Dr. Nathaniel W. Hartman

"Trainers’ Perceptions of the Relative Importance of the Ten Topics Included in the American Society for Quality’s Six Sigma Black Belt Certification" (Volume 25-3, September 2009)
Dr. Bruce DeRuntz & Dr. Ron Meier

Volume 25, Number 2
March through June 2009

"Closed Loop Controlled AC-AC Converter for Induction Heating" (Volume 25-2, June 2009)
Mr. D. Kirubkaran & Dr. S. Rama Reddy


Volume 25, Number 1
January through March 2009

"Assessment of Technology Graduate Students? Learning Preference Styles Utilizing the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator" (Volume 25-1, February 2009)
Dr. R. Lance Hogan

"Chinese Technology Management & Quality: A Brief Review of Status and Improvement Concerns in 2008 (Non-Refereed)" (Volume 25-1, January 2009)
Mr. William C. Schwagerman & Dr. Jeff Ulmer

"Evaluation of the Safety Content in the NAIT Certification Exam" (Volume 25-1, January 2009)
Dr. Steven A. Freeman, Dr. Dennis W. Field, Ms. Chandra W. Lott, & Dr. Charles V. Schwab

"Research Publication Trends and Topics in the Journal of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering" (Volume 25-1, February 2009)
Dr. Richard Gebken, Dr. Shawn Strong, Dr. Steven McCrary 


Volume 24, Number 4
October through December 2008

"A Case Study of a Project Course Developed to Close Competency Gaps in an Industrial Technology Program" (Volume 24-4, December 2008)
Dr. Sophia Scott & Dr. Greg Boyd 

"Developing Maximum Career Potential in Manufacturing Technology Curricula" (Volume 24-4, December 2008)
Dr. R. Neal Callahan, Dr. Martin Jones, & Mr. Rathel R. Smith 

"Matching Military Occupations and Experience to Academic Preparation in Industrial Technology" (Volume 24-4, December 2008)
Dr. Robert A. Chin 

"Online Instructor Evaluations: A Web-Based Application" (Volume 24-4, October 2008)
Mr. Ronald J. Glotzbach, Mr. Terry L. Burton & Ms. Betty Co 


Volume 24, Number 3
July through September 2008

"Flexographic Plate Technology: Conventional Solvent Plates versus Digital Solvent Plates" (Volume 24-3, July 2008)
Dr. E. Dean Gilbert and Mr. Frederick Lee

"Program Evaluation: Utilizing Graduate and Employer Perception Data in Determining Graduates' Job Preparedness Levels" (Volume 24-3, July 2008)
Dr. Bonnie Higgins

"Significant Effect of Microwave Curing on Tensile Strength of Carbon Fiber Composites" (Volume 24-3, July 2008)
Dr. Brian B. Balzer and Dr. Jeff McNabb 


Volume 24, Number 2
April through June 2008

"An Exploratory Study to Identify a Common Managerial/Professional Core Curriculum for NAIT Baccalaureate Programs" (Volume 24-2, May 2008)
Dr. Ron Meier and Dr. Dan Brown

"Implementation of Multilevel Inverter-Fed Induction Motor Drive" (Volume 24-2, April 2008)
Mr. G. Pandian and Dr. S. Rama Reddy

"A Preliminary Study on the State of AutoID" (Volume 24-2, May 2008)
Dr. Kenneth W. Stier


Volume 24, Number 1
January through March 2008

"The Impact of Visualization Methodology on Spatial Problem Solutions Among High and Low Visual Achievers" (Volume 24-1, January 2008)
Dr. James L. Mohler


Volume 23, Number 4
October 2007 through December 2007

"Analysis of Color Image Difference on the Monitor vs. Printer in a Color-Managed Workflow (Non-Refereed)" (Volume 23-4, October 2007)
Dr. H. Naik Dharavath

"Gauge R&R: An Effective Methodology for Determining the Adequacy of a New Measurement System for Micron-level Metrology" (Volume 23-4, October 2007)
Dr. David W. Hoffa and Dr. Chad Laux

"Team Performance and the Problem-Solving Approach" (Volume 23-4, November 2007)
Dr. Sophia Scott


Volume 23, Number 3
July 2007 through September 2007

"The Use of PIC Microcontrollers in Multiple DC Motors Control Applications" (Volume 23-3, July 2007)
Dr. Steve C. Hsiung


Volume 23, Number 2
April 2007 through June 2007

"Challenges Facing U.S. Manufacturing and Strategies (Non-Refereed)" (Volume 23-2, April 2007)
Dr. Ji Yao Shen, Dr. Derrek Dunn & Mr. Yun Shen

"Journey to a Flexible, Reliable Laboratory Platform for Simultaneous Control of Multiple Reactive Power Devices" (Volume 23-2, June 2007)
Mr. Jason Foster

"Martempering to Improve Wear Properties of Aircraft Brake Steel Rotors" (Volume 23-2, April 2007)
Dr. Sudershan Jetley

"The Relationship Between the Workpiece Extension Length/Diameter Ratio and Surface Roughness in Turning" (Volume 23-2, April 2007)
Mr. John Cooper & Dr. Bruce DeRuntz

"Service-Learning in an Introductory Course in Construction Management" (Volume 23-2, April 2007)
Dr. Steven W. McCrary, Dr. Dane Paterson & Dr. Shawn Strong

"Translating CCAF AAS Degree Programs" (Volume 23-2, June 2007)
Dr. Robert A. Chin

"Validation of Project Time Decision-Support Tools and Processes" (Volume 23-2, April 2007)
Dr. Steven W. McCrary, Mr. David Leslie, Dr. Freddy L. Roberts & Dr. Melvin R. Corley


Volume 23, Number 1
January 2007 through March 2007

"Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility Studies and Measurement Analysis: A Multimethod Exploration of the State of Practice" (Volume 23-1, January 2007)
Mr. Rathel R. (Dick) Smith, Dr. Steven W. McCrary & Dr. R. Neal Callahan

"Reality-Based Construction Project Management: A Constraint-Based 4D Simulation Environment" (Volume 23-1, January 2007)
Dr. Borinara Park & Dr. Ronald Meier


Volume 22, Number 4
October 2006 through December 2006

"Accreditation Self-Study Management Using a Website Content Management System" (Volume 22-4, December 2006)
Dr. Timothy R. Obermier

"Analysis of Newsprint Color Reproduction within the Newspaper Association of America Solid Ink Density and Color Gamut Standards" (Volume 22-4, October 2006)
Dr. H. Naik Dhravath

"Assessment of Initial Awareness Knowledge and Sources of Influence Leading to Enrollment Decisions for Students Entering Four-Year Automotive Programs" (Volume 22-4, October 2006)
Dr. Brian A. Sandford, Dr. Robert L. Frisbee and Dr.Gregory G. Belcher

"Distance Education at Bowling Green State University: Challenge, Opportunities and Promise" (Volume 22-4, October 2006)
Dr. Paul Cesarini, Dr. John W. Sinn and Mr. Terence Armentano

"Factors and Measures of Quality Costs Program in the Manufacturing Environment" (Volume 22-4, October 2006)
Dr. Suhansa Rodchua

"Quality Model in Web-Based Distance Learning: A Case Study" (Volume 22-4, October 2006)
Mr. Terry Bilke, Ms. Jingqing Xia, Mr. Bill D. Bailey, Dr. Suhansa Rodchua and Dr. John Sinn

"A Study of Magneto-Resistive Read-Write Head Reliability Using Low-Frequency Noise Measurement Technique" (Volume 22-4, October 2006)
Dr. Kuldeep S. Rawat and Dr. Gholam H. Massiha

"Teaching Printing Industry Guidelines and Process Control: The State of the Profession" (Volume 22-4, October 2006)
Dr. Jerry J. Waite


Volume 22, Number 3
July 2006 through September 2006

"Comparative Analysis between Manufacturing and Construction Enterprises on the Use of Formalized Quality Programs" (Volume 22-3, September 2006)
Dr. Steven W. McCrary, Mr. Rathel R. Smith and Dr. R. Neal Callahan

"A Digital Dilemma: File Preparation for Archival Storage" (Volume 22-3, July 2006)
Mr. Frank Wiewandt and Dr. Paul Cesarini

"The Effect of Rest Periods on Hand Fatigue and Productivity" (Volume 22-3, August 2006)
Dr. Mandara Savage and Mr. Darren Pipkins

"Plunge Cut Grinding Simplified: An Illustrative Student Experiment" (Volume 22-3, July 2006)
Dr. John Edward Wyatt and Dr. George J. Treml

"A Rapid Tooling Technique Using a Low Melting Point Alloy for Plastic Injection Molding" (Volume 22-3, July 2006)
Dr. Sudershan Jetley and Mr. Daniel K. Low

"Reducing Student Writing Time and Instructor Grading Time of Laboratory Reports" (Volume 22-3, September 2006)
Dr. David Hoffa and Dr. Steven Freeman

"The Value of Partnering with Academia (Non-Refereed)" (Volume 22-3, August 2006)
Dr. John R. Wright, Jr. and Mr. Stephen Harris


Volume 22, Number 2
April 2006 through June 2006

"Characterizing Productivity of a 4kW CO2 Laser Cutting System for 0.25" Mild Steel Using Central Composite Methodology" (Volume 22-2, June 2006)
Mr. Michael L. Cadorette and Dr. H. Fred Walker

"Experimental Analysis of a Battery Thermal Management System: Implications and Applications for Industrial and Commercial Products" (Volume 22-2, June 2006)
Dr. John R. Wright, Jr.

"Improving the Knowledge Transfer Skills of Industrial Technology Students" (Volume 22-2, April 2006)
Dr. Kevin L. Devine

"A Preliminary Manufacturing Competencies Study of Small and Medium-Sized Manufacturers in Illinois" (Volume 22-2, April 2006)
Dr. Kenneth W. Stier

"Viewing D istance as a Variable in Discerning Grayscale Halftone Dots at Varying Screen Frequencies" (Volume 22-2, April 2006)
Dr. Jerry J. Waite and Mr. Garth R. Oliver


Volume 22, Number 1
January 2006 through March 2006

"A BCS Framework for Air Cargo Terminal Design: Procedure and Case Study" (Volume 22-1, March 2006)
Mr. Chih-Hsien Chen and Dr. Shuo-Yan Chou

"Historical Changes to the NAIT Student Division: An Extreme Makeover (2001-2004)- (Non-Refereed)" (Volume 22-1, January 2006)
Dr. John Wright, Jr. and Dr. Haig Vahradian

"Machinability: Employing a Drilling Experiment as a Teaching Tool" (Volume 22-1, January 2006)
Dr. John Edward Wyatt and Dr. George J. Trmal


Volume 21, Number 4
October 2005 through December 2005

"Industrial Technology Program Enhancement: The Importance of Strategic Planning" (Volume 21-4, October 2005)
Dr. Dan C. Brown and Dr. Ron Meier

"Linking TQM Culture to Traditional Learning Theories" (Volume 21-4, October 2005)
Dr. George R. Maughan and Ms. Tracey Anderson

"Teaching Kinematic Synthesis of Linkages without Complex Mathematics" (Volume 21-4, October 2005)
Dr. Louis G. Refischneider


Volume 21, Number 3
July 2005 through September 2005

"Analysis of Print Attributes of Amplitude Modulated (AM) vs. Frequency Modulated (FM) Screening of Multicolor Offset Printing" (Volume 21-3, July 2005)
Dr. H. Naik Dharavath, Dr. Ted M. Bensen and Mr. Bhaskar Gaddam

"Developing a Practical Quality System to Improve Visual Inspections" (Volume 21-3, August 2005)
Mr. Rathel R. Smith, Dr. Neal Callahan and Dr. Shawn Strong

"The House of Competitiveness: The Marriage of Agile Manufacturing, Design for Six Sigma, and Lean Manufacturing with Quality Considerations" (Volume 21-3, July 2005)
Ms. Jami Kovach, Ms. Paris Stringfellow, Ms. Jennifer Turner and Dr. B. Rae Cho

"Telecommunication Systems Program Evaluation: A Survey of TCS Alumni on the Curriculum" (Non-Refereed) (Volume 21-3, July 2005)
Dr. H. Naik Dharavath and Dr. Steve Schlough


Volume 21, Number 2
April 2005 through June 2005

"A Case Study of How to Incorporate Cross-Functional Components in Industrial Technology Education: Safety Metrics in the Classroom" (Volume 21-2, April 2005)
Dr. John E. De Leon

"Challenges Ahead for Adobe's Portable Document Format" (Volume 21-2, April 2005)
Dr. Paul Cesarini and Mr. Jason Mellen

"A Cross-Disciplinary Biotechnology Initiative: A New Frontier for Industrial Technology (Non-Refereed)" (Volume 21-2, April 2005)
Dr. Matthew P. Stephens and Dr. Niaz Latif

"Implementation of Program Assessment in a Technical Department" (Volume 21-2, April 2005)
Dr. Richard Boserand Dr. Kenneth Stier

"A Short Preview of Free Statistical Software Packages for Teaching Statistics to Industrial Technology Majors" (Volume 21-2, April 2005)
Ms. Xiaoping Zhu and Dr. Ognjen Kuljaca


Volume 21, Number 1
January 2005 through March 2005

Articles will be added to this issue as they are approved through the review process until March 31, 2005.

"Color Quality Assurance for Package Printing" (Volume 21-1, January 2005)
Dr. Daniel G. Wilson, Mr. Michael Signor and Dr. Klaus Schmidt

"An Experimental Study of the Impact of Training on Faculty Concerns" (Volume 21-1, January 2005)
Dr. Rita L. Dobbs

"The Impact of ISO 9000 Certification on Quality Management Practices in Thailand" (Volume 21-1, January 2005)
Dr. Jai W. Hong and Mr. Satit Phitayawejwiwat

"A Relational Study of Wisconsin's Water Quality Operator Certification Program" (Volume 21-1, February 2005)
Mr. Fred S. Rice

"Team Design Problem in Technology" (Volume 21-1, January 2005)
Dr. David S. Kelley

"Technology and Practice in a Historical Context: Building the Civil War Submarine 'Pioneer' (Non-Refereed)" (Volume 21-1, January 2005)
Dr. Roy Bonnette

"Using the Internet for an Accreditation Self-Study Portfolio" (Volume 21-1, January 2005)
Dr. Timothy R. Obermier


Volume 20, Number 4
September 2004 through December 2004

"A Code of Ethics for Industrial Technology (Non-Refereed)" (Volume 20-4, September 2004)
Dr. Larry D. Helsel

"Contextualizing Digital Rights Management: Past, Present and Future" (Volume 20-4, November 2004)
Dr. Paul Cesarini

"Development of an Accelerometer-Based Surface Roughness Prediction System in Turning Operations Using Multiple Regression Techniques" (Volume 20-4, November 2004)
Mr. E. Daniel Kirby, Ms. Zhe Zhang & Dr. Joseph C. Chen

"A National Benchmark Study of Computer Technology-related Programs in Industrial Technology" (Volume 20-4, September 2004)
Dr. Dan Brown, Dr. Rodney L. Custer & Dr. Klaus Schmidt

"Outcomes Assessment Across Multiple Accreditation Agencies" (Volume 20-4, November 2004)
Dr. Jon M. Duff

"A Pilot Study for Integrating Virtual Reality into an Introductory Design and Graphics Course" (Volume 20-4, November 2004)
Dr. Shana S-F Smith & Ms. Shu-Ling Lee

"Quality Measurement and Good Practices in Web-Based Distance Learning: A Case Study of the Industrial Management Program at Central Missouri State University" (Volume 20-4, December 2004)
Dr. Ronald Woolsey & Ms. Suhansa Rodchua

"A Study of Quality Differences between Waterless and Conventional Litho Printing" (Volume 20-4, November 2004)
Dr. Devang P. Mehta

"Testing a New Curriculum for Design for Manufacturability (DFM) in Technical Education" (Volume 20-4, November 2004)
Dr. Bernie P. Huang, Dr. Jacob Chen & Dr. Joseph C. Chen

"Understanding Six Sigma: Implications for Industry and Education" (Volume 20-4, November 2004)
Mr. Sean Goffnett


Volume 20, Number 3
June 2004 through August 2004

Articles will be added to this issue as they are approved through the review process until August 31, 2004.

"Controlling Robot Through Internet Using Java" (Volume 20-3, June 2004)
Mr. Ravindra Thamma, Dr. Luke H. Huang, Dr. Shi-Jer Lou and Dr. C. Ray Diez

"Dimensional Metrology: A Perspective on Structure and Lab Integration" (Volume 20-3, June 2004)
Dr. Bruce March and Dr. Mark Miller

"Graphic Communications Management Program Assessment: A Survey of GCM Alumni on the Curriculum" (Volume 20-3, June 2004)
Dr. Ted Bensen and Dr. H. Naik Dharavath

"Identification of the Skills Needed by Workers in Various Segments of the Graphic Communications Industry" (Volume 20-3, June 2004)
Dr. H. Naik Dharavath

"A LabView-Based Instrumentation System for a Wind-Solar Hybrid Power Station" (Volume 20-3, July 2004)
Dr. Recayi Pecen, Dr. MD Salim & Mr. Ayhan Zora

"The Linkage of Partnership in American Automotive Industry Supply Chain Management" (Volume 20-3, July 2004)
Dr. Jai W. Hong & Mr. Chao-Wei Cheng


Volume 20, Number 2
February 2004 through May 2004

"Assessing the Professional Development Needs of NAIT's Industry Division Members" (Volume 20-2, March 2004)
Mr. Bruce DeRuntz and Dr. Ronald Meier

"Integrating Computer and Technology Systems Networks in Industrial Technology Programs (Non-Refereed)" (Volume 20-2, March 2004)
Mr. Awa Uma

"A Model Curriculum for Computer Aided Design (CAD) Associate Degree Programs" (Volume 20-2, April 2004)
Dr. Xin-Ran Duan

"A Statistical Comparison of Three Root Cause Analysis Tools" (Volume 20-2, February 2004)
Dr. Anthony Mark Doggett

"Supply Chain Management: Strategic Factors From the Buyers' Perspective" (Volume 20-2, March 2004)
Dr. Ronald L. Meier, Dr. Michael R. Williams and Mr. Rodger B. Singley

"Testing a New Approach for Learning Teamwork Knowledge and Skills in Technical Education" (Volume 20-2, March 2004)
Dr. Joseph C. Chen and Dr. Jacob Chen

"WebDAV: A Web-Writing Protocol and More" (Volume 20-2, March 2004)
Ms. Mary Ellen O'Shields and Dr. Philip J. Lunsford II

"Women's Voices are Missing from Technology" (Volume 20-2, March 2004)
Dr. Stephanie Nelson


Volume 20, Number 1
November 2003 through January 2004

"The Accommodating Workplace: Making Room for Sensory Disabled Employees (Non-Refereed)" (Volume 20-1, November 2003)
Mr. Fred S. Rice, Mr. Shoji Nakayama and Mr. David P. Heiser

"Computer Knowledge Report from a Student Self-Evaluation" (Volume 20-1, December 2003)
Dr. Charles Duvel and Dr. Sharon Pate

"Experiment to Determine Feasibility of Electronic Co-op Supervision: BGSU Case Study (Non-Refereed Article)" (Volume 20-1, November 2003)
Dr. John W. Sinn

"The Future History of Industrial Technology" (Volume 20-1, November 2003)
Dr. Gordon Minty

"The Influence of Manufacturing Facility Demographics on Manufacturing Competencies in North Carolina (Non-Refereed)" (Volume 20-1, November 2003)
Mr. Richard Temple

"Preparing to Meet Industry's Demand for Dimensional Metrology Trained Industrial Technologists" (Volume 20-1, November 2003)
Mr. Bruce DeRuntz

"Using Peer Assessments in Team Activities" (Volume 20-1, November 2003)
Dr. Steven A. Freeman and Dr. Michael J. Dyrenfurth

"When the Accreditation Board Says "NO": A Chronicle of the Reaccreditation Process (Non-Refereed)" (Volume 20-1, November 2003)
Mr. James L. Toppen


Volume 19, Number 4
August 2003 through October 2003

"Assessing the Benefits of Surface Tension Transfer Welding to Industry" (Volume 19-4, August 2003)
Mr. Bruce D. DeRuntz

"Assessing the Value of Short Term International Experience for Industrial Technology Educators" (Volume 19-4, August 2003)
Mr. Bruce D. DeRuntz

"From Critical Success Factors into Criteria for Performance Excellence - An Organizational Change Strategy" (Volume 19-4, August 2003)
Mr. Donald Chrusciel and Dr. Dennis W. Field

"Energy and Power Technology: A Perspective for the 21st Century" (Volume 19-4, August 2003)
Dr. Bruce Marsh

"The Importance of Student Organizations (Non-Refereed)" (Volume 19-4, August 2003)
Dr. James R. Owens

"Teaching Lean Manufacturing Concepts through Project-Based Learning and Simulation" (Volume 19-4, August 2003)
Dr. Kenneth W. Stier


Volume 19, Number 3
May 2003 through July 2003

"Construction Careers Connection (Non-Refereed)" (Volume 19-3, July 2003)
Mr. John W. Searles and Dr. James R. Owens

"Effective Assessment: A Model for Industrial Technology Programs" (Volume 19-3, May 2003)
Dr. Shawn D. Strong, Dr. Scott J. Amos and Dr. Neal R. Callahan

"Trends in Online Education: Case Study at Southwest Missouri State University" (Volume 19-3, May 2003)
Dr. Lesta A. Burgess and Dr. Shawn D. Strong


Volume 19, Number 2
February 2003 through April 2003

"Determining if Destructive Testing Can be Reduced by Using Pre-Yield Strength Data in Analysis of Composite Reinforced Automotive Hood Assemblies" (Volume 19-2, February 2003)
Mr. Mike Bishop, Dr. Todd C. Waggoner, and Dr. Edward C. Kennedy III

"The Implementation of Recycled Thermostat Composites in Thermoforming Molds" (Volume 19-2, February 2003)
Dr. Dru M. Wilson

"Importance of Technical Competencies in the Graphic Communications Technology Curriculum as Perceived by the Graphic Communications Industry and Educators" (Volume 19-2, March 2003)
Dr. H. Naik Dharavath

"An Integrated Framework for Assembly-Oriented Product Design and Optimization" (Volume 19-2, March 2003)
Dr. Qiang Su and Dr. Shana Shiang-Fong Smith

"An Investigation of the Perceived Financial Performance of Commercial Printing Firms for Conducting B2C Activities Using Web Technology" (Volume 19-2, February 2003)
Dr. Devang Mehta

"A Reading List for Establishing a Base of Knowledge for Technology Management: A Delphi Study" (Volume 19-2, March 2003)
Dr. Jeff McNabb


Volume 19, Number 1
November 2002 through January 2003

"A Method for Evaluating Expert System Shells for Classroom Instruction" (Volume 19-1, November 2002)
Dr. MD Salim, Mr. Alvaro Villavicencio, & Dr. Marc A. Timmerman

"Passive Solar Lighting Using Fiber Optics" (Volume 19-1, December 2002)
Dr. William Grise & Dr. Charles Patrick

"The Status of Industrial Interaction/Outreach in Industrial Technology" (Volume 19-1, December 2002)
Dr. Randall Shaw & Dr. Craig Downing

"Who Moved My ERP Solution?" (Volume 19-1, December 2002)
Dr. Matthew P. Stephens & Mr. Hugo X. Ramos


Volume 18, Number 4
August 2002 through October 2002

"Interaction Graphs for a Two-Level Combined Array Experiment Design" (Volume 18-4, August 2002)
Dr. M.L. Aggarwal, Dr. B.C. Gupta, Dr. S. Roy Chaudhury & Dr. H.F. Walker


Volume 18, Number 3
May 2002 through July 2002

"Classifying Color Bar Codes to Predict Scanning Success" (Volume 18-3, May 2002)
Dr. Mathias J. Sutton, CSIT

"A Comparison of Selected Categories of Accreditation Standards of NAIT, ABET and AACSB" (Volume 18-3, June 2002)
Dr. C. Douglas Ward & Dr. John Dugger

"Implementing IP Services at the Network Edge (Book Review, Non-Refereed)" (Volume 18-3, May 2002)
Mr. David A. Rosenthal, MPA

"Recycled Foam and Cement Composites in Insulating Concrete Forms" (Volume 18-3, May 2002)
Dr. Richard Boser, Mr. Tory Ragsdale, and Dr. Charles Duvel


Volume 18, Number 2
February 2002 through April 2002

"Artificial Intelligence and the Internet: An Integral Part of the Factory of the Future" (Volume 18-2, February 2002)
Ms. Marla P. Rogers

"A Consolidated Approach to Productivity Assessment" (Volume 18-2, March 2002)
Dr. Bruce Marsh

"Cryptography Decrypted - Book Review (Non-Refereed)" (Volume 18-2, February 2002)
David A. Rosenthal, MPA

"Integrating the Thinking Process into the Product Design Chain" (Volume 18-2, February 2002)
Mr. Chang Lin Yang, Dr. Tsung Shin Hsu & Dr. Chung Yaw Ching

"Investigating Electrical Noise Signals in Metal Thin Films with Different Geometry" (Volume 18-2, March 2002)
Dr. Gholam H. Massiha & Mr. Kuldeep S. Rawat

"Technology, Economics and Politics (Non-Refereed)" (Volume 18-2, February 2002)
Dr. Gene Strandberg

"Transforming Leadership: An Assessment Tool" (Volume 18-2, February 2002)
Dr. Jule Dee Scarborough

"The Web-Enhanced Classroom" (Volume 18-2, February 2002)
Dr. Klaus Schmidt


Volume 18, Number 1
November 2001 through January 2002

"Impact of Screen-Capture Based Instruction on Student Comprehension of Computer Aided Design (CAD) Software Principles" (Volume 18-1, December, 2001)
Dr. James E. Folkestad & Dr. Michael A. De Miranda

"QFD-based Technical Textbook Evaluation - Procedure and a Case Study" (Volume 18-1, November, 2001)
Mr. Jacob Chen and Dr. Joseph C. Chen

"The Role of Scholarship for Industrial Technology Faculty" (Volume 18-1, November, 2001)
Dr. Charles Patrick and Dr. Ahmad Zargari

"Selecting Rapid Prototyping Systems" (Volume 18-1, December, 2001)
Dr. Ryan Brown and Dr. Kenneth W. Stier

"Spatial Visualization: Fundamentals and Trends in Engineering Graphics" (Volume 18-1, December, 2001)
Dr. Shawn Strong and Dr. Roger Smith

"Web-Centric Product Data Management" (Volume 18-1, November, 2001)
Dr. David S. Kelly


Volume 17, Number 4
August 2001 through October 2001

"The Application of Multi-Level Genetic Algorithms in Assembly Planning" (Volume 17-4, August, 2001)
Dr. Shana Shiang-Fong Smith (Shiang-Fong Chen) and Mr. Yong-Jin Liu

"Resolving the Conflict between Design and Manufacturing: Integrated Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Tooling (IRPRT)" (Volume 17-4, August, 2001)
Dr. James E. Folkestad & Dr. Russell L. Johnson

Volume 17, Number 3
May 2001 through July 2001 

Articles will be added to this issue as they are approved through the review process until August 31, 2001.

"An Examination of the Graduation Rates and Enrollment Trends in Industrial Technology Baccalaureate Programs from 1988-1998" (Volume 17-3, May, 2001)
Dr. Tao C. Chang & Dr. John C. Dugger

"A Status Report on the Use of Distance Learning in Industrial Technology" (Volume 17-3, May, 2001)
Dr. William W. Clyburn & Dr. W.C. Johnson

"Distance Learning: Issues and Concerns of Distance Learners (Non-Refereed)" (Volume 17-3, May, 2001)
Dr. Edie K. Schmidt & Ms. Ana Gallegos

"ERP: The Primary Solution Provider for Industrial Companies" (Volume 17-3, May, 2001)
Dr. Ali E. Kashef, Dr. Mahyar Izadi & Dr. Saud H. Al-Sehali


Volume 17, Number 2
February 2001 through April 2001 

"A Multiple Regression Model to Predict In-process Surface Roughness in Turning Operation Via Accelerometer" (Volume 17-2, February, 2001)
Mr. Luke Huang & Dr. Joseph C. Chen

"An Industrial Technologist's Core Knowledge: Web-based Strategy for Defining our Discipline" (Volume 17-2, February, 2001)
Dr. John W. Sinn & Mr. Darren Olson

"A Paradigm for Breadboard Use in Electronics Laboratory Instruction" (Volume 17-2, March, 2001)
Dr. Marc A. Timmerman & Dr. Recayi Pecen

"A Systematic Approach for Identifying Optimum Surface Roughness Performance in End-Milling Operations" (Volume 17-2, March, 2001)
Dr. John L. Yang & Dr. Joseph C. Chen

"Transforming Leadership in the Manufacturing Industry" (Volume 17-2, April, 2001)
Dr. Jule D. Scarborough


Volume 17, Number 1
November 2000 through January 2001

"Computer Management Information Systems and Computer Production Skills Needed by Industrial Technology Graduates as Perceived by Universities and Companies" (Volume 17-1, December, 2000)
Dr. Ivan T. Mosley, Sr.

"Determining Process Mean for Machining While Unbalanced Tolerance Design Occurs" (Volume 17-1, November, 2000)
Dr. Ming-Hsien Caleb Li & Dr. Joseph C. Chen

"Electronic Commerce: An Introduction (Book Review - Non-Refereed))" (Volume 17-1, December, 2000)
Dr. Fahad A. Alyabis

"Integrating Rapid Prototyping Technology into the Curriculum" (Volume 17-1, December, 2000)
Dr. Kenneth Stier & Dr. Ryan Brown

"Internet and Network Security" (Volume 17-1, November, 2000)
Dr. James H. Yu & Mr. Tom K. Le

"Proposal for Taking the Profession to the Next Level: Assessing Core Knowledge Through Online Methods (Non-Refereed)" (Volume 17-1, November, 2000)
Dr. John W. Sinn

"Surface Mount Technology Market Forecasting" (Volume 17-1, December, 2000)
Dr. Shelton Houston

"Understanding E-Mail Delivery" (Volume 17-1, November, 2000)
Dr. John A. Marshall


Volume 16, Number 4
August 2000 through October 2000

"Does Rapid Prototyping Improve Student Visualization Skills?" (Volume 16-4, September, 2000)
Dr. Gary Frey & Dr. David Baird
"Enhancing a Residential Safety Course with the Development of an Online Component: A Limited Case Study" (Volume 16-4, September, 2000)
Dr. Steven A. Freeman & Dr. Karla M. Embleton
"Gender Equity in Industrial Technology: The Challenge and Recommendations" (Volume 16-4, September, 2000)
Dr. Balsy Kasi & Dr. John C. Dugger
"High School Students' Perceptions of Information Technology Skills and Careers" (Volume 16-4, September, 2000)
Dr. Uma A. Gupta & Dr. Lynne E. Houtz
"Information Technology for Manufacturing: Where Has It Been, Where Is It Heading? (Non-Refereed)" (Volume 16-4, September, 2000)
Mr. Grant W. Lawless
"Integrating Enterprise-Wide Risk Management Concepts into Industrial Technology Curricula" (Volume 16-4, September, 2000)
Dr. Ronald L. Meier
"Integrating Spreadsheet Templates and Data Analysis into Fluid Power Instruction" (Volume 16-4, August, 2000)
Dr. Bruce Marsh
"Organizing and Managing Successful Technical Presentations" (Volume 16-4, August, 2000)
Dr. David D. Bradney
"The Evolution of Student Internships in Industry (Non-Refereed)" (Volume 16-4, August, 2000)
Dr. Cyndi A. Crother
"The Impacts of Quality Improvement Training on Fear/Anxiety in Organizations" (Volume 16-4, August, 2000)
Dr. C. Douglas Ward & Dr. John C. Dugger


Volume 16, Number 3
May 2000 through July 2000

"A Hybrid Solar-Wind Power Generation System as an Instructional Resource for Industrial Technology Students" (Volume 16-3, May, 2000)
Dr. Recayi Pecen, Dr. MD Salim & Dr. Marc Timmerman
"Assessing Individual Student Performance in Teams" (Volume 16-3, May, 2000)
Dr. James E. Ettaro
"Focus on Industry for Success" (Volume 16-3, May, 2000)
Dr. John A. Marshall
"Industrial Advisory Committee....or Action Committee?" (Volume 16-3, May, 2000)
Dr. James E. Folkestad & Dr. Michael A. DeMiranda
"Teaching Design for Manufacturability with Desktop Computer-Aided Analysis" (Volume 16-3, May, 2000)
Dr. Louis Reifschneider
"The Development and Delivery of a Distance Learning (DL) Course in Industrial Technology" (Volume 16-3, June, 2000)
Dr. James E. Smallwood & Dr. Ahmad Zargari
"The Relevance of Concurrent Engineering in Industrial Technology Programs" (Volume 16-3, May, 2000)
Dr. Rada Balamuralikrishna, Dr. Ragu Athinarayanan & Dr. Xueshu Song
"The Status of NAIT: Perceptions of Industrial Technology Department Chairs" (Volume 16-3, May, 2000)
Dr. Mark R. Miller


Volume 16, Number 2
February 2000 through April 2000

"Attitude of Electronics Technology Majors at Indiana State University Toward Mathematics" (Volume 16-2, March, 2000)
Dr. William E. Croft
"Digitization and Graphic Communication Education: From Print Reproduction to Dynamic Image Generation" (Volume 16-2, March, 2000)
Ms. Ute Sartorius
"Ergonomic Analysis of a Multi-Task Industrial Lifting Station Using the NIOSH Method" (Volume 16-2, March, 2000)
Mr. Richard Temple, Mr. Terry Adams
"Neural Network-Based Tool Breakage Monitoring System for End Milling Operations" (Volume 16-2, March, 2000)
Mr. Po-Tsang Huang, Dr. Joseph C. Chen


Volume 16, Number 1
November 1999 through January 2000

"Developing Online Templates for ISO 9000-Based Standard Operating Procedures" (Volume 16-1, January, 2000)
Mr. Anbu Lingappan, Dr. John W. Sinn, Dr. Todd C. Waggoner and Dr. Angelo D. Brown
"Integration of Product and Process Development Using Rapid Prototyping and Workcell Simulation Technologies" (Volume 16-1, November, 1999)
Dr. Daniel Chen and Dr. Frank Cheng
"Kaizen: An Essential Tool for Inclusion in Industrial Technology Curricula" (Volume 16-1, November, 1999)
Mr. Samson S. Lee, Dr. John C. Dugger, and Dr. Joseph C. Chen
"Mass-Customization Methodology for an Apparel Industry with a Future" (Volume 16-1, December, 1999)
Ms. Seung-Eun Lee and Dr. Joseph C. Chen
"Measuring an Unknown, A Laboratory Problem for Basic Electronics" (Volume 16-1, November, 1999)
Mr. Eric Tisdale
"Tensile Strength Comparison of Athletic Tapes: Assessed Using ASTM D3759M-96, Standard Test Method for Tensile Strength and Elongation of Pressure-Sensitive Tapes" (Volume 16-1, November, 1999)
Dr. Steven L. Schaeffer, Ms. Jill Slusarski, Ms. Valeria VanTiem, and Dr. M.L. Johnson
"The Application of Artificial Networks to Monitoring and Control of an Induction Hardening Process" (Volume 16-1, January, 2000)
Mr. Timothy Stich, Dr. Julie K. Spoerre and Dr. Tomas Velasco
"The Importance of TQM Concepts and Instruction as Perceived by Industrial and Vocational Training Personnel" (Volume 16-1, November, 1999)
Dr. Hsi-Kong Chin Wang and Dr. William G. Miller


Volume 15, Number 4
August 1999 through October 1999

"A Management-Support Technique for the Selection of Rapid Prototyping Technologies" (Volume 15-4, September, 1999)
Dr. Marcello Braglia & Dr. Alberto Petroni

"An Analysis of Industrial Technology (IT) Programs in Meeting Students Needs: A Survey of IT Alumni" (Volume 15-4, September, 1999)
Dr. Ahmad Zargari & Mr. Robert Hayes
"An Update on Applied Quality Science at Bowling Green State University and the Instructional Use of Student-Based Applied Research as a Technology Transfer Mechanism: A Critical Element of Education for Technologists" (Volume 15-4, September, 1999)
Mr. Darren Olson & Dr. John Sinn
"Analysis of the Industrial Technology Electrical Systems Specialization Using DACUM" (Volume 15-4, August, 1999)
Dr. Deborah J. Zanella
"Benefits of a Cross-Functional Safety Curriculum" (Volume 15-4, August, 1999)
Dr. Steven A. Freeman & Dr. Dennis W. Field
"Effects of Tool Diameter Variations in On-Line Surface Roughness Recognition System" (Volume 15-4, September, 1999)
Dr. Mandara D. Savage & Dr. Joseph C. Chen
"Internet Service Providers: A Method for Selection" (Volume 15-4, August, 1999)
Dr. John A. Marshall
"Issues in Information Ethics and Educational Policies for the Coming Age" (Volume 15-4, August, 1999)
Dr. Chien-Pen Chuang & Dr. Joseph C. Chen
"Staying Competitive: Links to Manufacturing Technology Networks" (Volume 15-4, August, 1999)
Dr. H. Fred Walker, CQE, CSIT, Dr. Teresa J.K. Hall, CMfgE & Dr. Loren Faeth, CQE, CMfgT, GECJ
"The Debate Over Which PLC Programming Lanquage is the State-of-the-Art" (Volume 15-4, August, 1999)
Dr. John R. Wright, Jr.


Volume 15, Number 3
May 1999 through July 1999

"A Statistical Approach in Detecting Tool Breakage in End Milling Operations" (Volume 15-3, June, 1999)
Mr. Po-Tsang Huang, Dr. Joseph C. Chen, & Dr. Chai-Yu Chou
"A Study of Computer-Mediated Communication to be Used for Classroom Instruction" (Volume 15-3, May, 1999)
Dr. Cynthia C. Gillispie
"A Systematic Procedure for Designing State Combination Circuits in PLCs" (Volume 15-3, May, 1999)
Dr. Chien-Pen Chuang, Ms. Xing Lan, & Dr. Joseph C. Chen
"An Exploratory Study to Assess Competency Gaps in Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technological (SMET) Education" (Volume 15-3, June, 1999)
Dr. Ronald L. Meier, Dr. Michael Williams, Dr. Michael Humphreys, & Mr. John Centko
"Analysis of an Effective Sensing Location for an In-process Surface Recognition System in Turning Operations" (Volume 15-3, May, 1999)
Dr. Joseph C. Chen, Mr. Luke H. Huang, Ms. Ashley X. Lan, & Mr. Samson Lee
"Computer Crimes: How to Avoid Falling Victim" (Volume 15-3, May, 1999)
Dr. John A. Marshall
"Professional Internships as a Requirement for Graduation" (Volume 15-3, May, 1999)
Dr. John Allen Marshall
"Teaching Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing in a Manufacturing Program" (Volume 15-3, May, 1999)
Dr. Vedaraman Sriraman & Dr. John De Leon
"Technological Applications of Solid Modeling and Parametric Features" (Volume 15-3, May, 1999)
Dr. Earnest L. Walker & Mr. Bruce Cox
"What Influences Students to Attend Four-Year Automotive Programs" (Volume 15-3, June, 1999)
Dr. Robert L. Frisbee & Dr. Greg Belcher

Volume 15, Number 2
February 1999 through April 1999

"A Comparison of the Effectiveness of Applied and Traditional Mathematics Curriculum" (Volume 15-2, March, 1999)
Dr. Stanley L. Lightner
"A Framework for Implementing Appropriate Manufacturing Systems in Developing Economies" (Volume 15-2, February, 1999)
Dr. Samuel C. Obi
"A Progress Report on Y2K" (Volume 15-2, March, 1999)
Dr. Kenneth W. Hollman, Dr. Emily J.Norman Zietz & Dr. Robert G. Colvard
"An Outline for the Study of Using Technology" (Volume 15-2, February, 1999)
Dr. Jim Flowers
"Cost Justification of Capital Equipment Using 'Economic Value Added' Analysis" (Volume 15-2, February, 1999)
Dr. H. Fred Walker, CQE, CQA, CSIT
"Disseminating, Archiving, and Retrieving New Knowledge in Industrial Technology: Implications for the Discipline and NAIT" (Volume 15-2, February, 1999)
Dr. Robert A. Chin
"Effect of Tool/Chip Contact Length on Orthogonal Turning Performance" (Volume 15-2, March, 1999)
Mr. Luke H. Huang, Dr. Joseph C. Chen & Dr. Tao Chang
"Improving Students' Conceptual Understanding of Electrical and Electronics Circuits Via Computer-Based Review Sessions" (Volume 15-2, February, 1999)
Dr. Athula Kulatunga, CEM
"Internet Crimes Encountered By Novice Surfers" (Volume 15-2, February, 1999)
Dr. John A. Marshall
"Key Characteristics of Industrial Technology Faculty: A National Survey of NAIT Accredited IT Programs" (Volume 15-2, March, 1999)
Dr. Ahmad Zargari, CSIT, & Dr. Charles E. Coddington
"Local Area Network (LAN) in Manufacturing" (Volume 15-2, February, 1999)
Dr. Massoud Maxwell Rabiee
"Maximizing Your Industrial Advisory Board"> (Volume 15-2, March, 1999)
Dr. John Allen Marshall
"NAIT Demographics Study - 1997" (Volume 15-2, March, 1999)
Dr. Athula Kulatunga, Dr. Randall Shaw & Dr. Mark Nelson

Volume 15, Number 1
November 1998 through January 1999

"A Study Conducted to Investigate the Feasibility of Recycling Commingled Plastics Fiber in Concrete" (Volume 15-1, November, 1998)
Dr. Kenneth W. Stier & Dr. Gary D. Weede
"A Technology Systems Course: An Essential Component of General Education Curriculum" (Volume 15-1, November, 1998)
Dr. Ahmad Zargari & Dr. Charles Patrick
"Applying Quality Engineering Technique to Improve Wastewater Treatment" (Volume 15-1, November, 1998)
Dr. Chau-Chen Torng, Dr. Chao-Yu Chou, & Dr. Hui-Rong Liu
"Competencies Identified as Important for 21st Century Plastering Contractors - A Rotational Delphi" (Volume 15-1, November, 1998)
Dr. Joseph A. Scarcella & Dr. Rodney L. Custer
"Downsizing Effects on Organizational Development Capabilities at an Electric Utility" (Volume 15-1, November, 1998)
Mr. Jerry Wagner
"Electronics Manufacturing Company Hand Assembly Productivity Improvement" (Volume 15-1, November, 1998)
Mr. Bill D. Bailey & Dr. Paul Cheng-Hsin Liu
"Plasma Surface Treatment In Composites Manufacturing" (Volume 15-1, November, 1998)
Dr. Tao C. Chang
"Surface Roughness Prediction Technique for CNC End-Milling" (Volume 15-1, November, 1998)
Dr. Mike S. Lou, Dr. Joseph C. Chen, & Dr. Caleb M. Li
"The Industrial Front-Line Supervisor and Work Place Laws Related to Civil Rights" (Volume 15-1, November, 1998)
Dr. Michael A. Hayden
"Unsuitable Job for a Women? Women at Work, Status and Issues" (Volume 15-1, November, 1998)
Dr. M. L. Bostic